Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome to the Conversation!

How to Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone is a book available on Amazon.com and this blog has been created to expand on the principle point of the book, which is you have the power to stop smoking.  With the right frame of mind and a few tools, you won't need to rely on a patch, gum, pill, or smokeless cigarettes.

Why read this book

Look, here's the deal!  What are we talking about anyway?  First you have Big Tobacco, which at some point crossed a huge line when the reality came to light that cigarettes are really bad for you.  Once that was known, they continued to produce and enhance their product.  Nicotine is a powerful chemical and drug.  But to knowingly produce and then promote a product that is this addictive and then to continue to develop a product to enhance the power and effect of nicotine...  just not cool.  So from a consumer's stand point, they've lost my business.  The movie The Insider, really got my wheels turning as a smoker.  From a health stand point, eventually it's going to kill you, so you have to stop. 

People who smoke cigarettes on a regular basis or who ingest tobacco products on a regular basis are addicts.  Bottom line.  They may not look like addicts, but if you can't function in your normal life without tobacco, you're addicted.

Now is it safe to say that when an addict is chasing a fix, they're not thinking right?  I think so, because I've been there.  Wouldn't you agree?

Now, you get companies who realize that there are addicts out there who are trying to quit, which in my opinion is impossible, and so under the guise of trying to help, create a different yet equally addictive delivery device for nicotine and then go on to sell the concept of, "well at least you're not smoking!" 

The deal is this, if you partake of tobacco, more than likely, you're addicted to nicotine.  That's the real issue.  Sooner or later you will have to get off the nicotine.  If your chosen nicotine delivery device is a cigarette, why would you replace one nicotine delivery device with another?

If you're wondering, I'm not a big supporter of Methadone either.

Is it time to get control of your addiction?  This book was written to help you do just that and to do it on your own.

Why follow this blog?

This blog will continue to deliver support and information to get you off the nicotine and cigarettes once and for all.


If you don't smoke but have read this far, then the question I would ask, which is right out of the forward from the book is, what are you smoking?  If it's not cigarettes.  What do you need to quit?  Or start? 

This blog will also examine and look at addiction in general, motivation, and further tips, tricks and tools to help you either stop smoking or get control back in some aspect of your life.

Whether you're a smoker or not, I wrote the book and the blog for you.

I invite you to follow along and I encourage you to participate.  I don't have all the answers but maybe together we can empower ourselves and help a lot of people get on the right track of loving themselves a little better and then consequently loving others a little better and ultimately make a small improvement to the human condition!