Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Moffett Message LIVE with David Bradley. Decisions, Excellence and Comfort Zones, OH MY!

I had the privilege and honor to be on The Moffett Message with Sean Moffett recently talking about my book, How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone.  We also talked about making those tough decisions, and developing excellence in our lives and careers and the people who've inspired us to create excellence in our lives.

You can watch the interview below and I would love your feedback.  This was my first real interview since I interviewed myself back in 2011, and from this side of the camera, it was an amazing experience and challenge to get well out of my comfort zone, embrace fear and charge into the unknown.  See, when you're writing something, you can hit the backspace button as often as you need and you have full control over when you hit the publish button.  Video can get edited.  That doesn't exist on a live webcast!  It was me, Sean, everyone watching and 60 minutes!  Turned out to be a great interview, lots of insight was shared and some good laughs.

Sean has had on his program some amazing guests like Grant Cardone and Bob Burg, so to get dropped in with that caliber was truly amazing.

So, while the purpose of this post is to promote the interview, the "subtext" if you will, is to circle back to helping you kick the habit.  Mind you, that habit doesn't always to be cigarettes.  The underlying message behind this blog, is you finding what you need to get out of your comfort zone so you can create excellence in your life.  Whatever your bad habit is, it is self-destructive and you have also come to recognize it as normal in your life.  Meaning [insert said bad habit], is now comfortable.  At some point in the beginning, you knew this was a bad idea and yet, you did it anyway.  Now, umpteen years later, part of you is starting to realize that the part of you in the beginning that knew this wasn't a good idea was actually right.  Now in order to get back to the original state of being, you have to go and get out of your new comfort zone.

I want to share three simple things you can do, right now, to help you get out of that comfort zone.

  1. Take full responsibility for allowing yourself to get where you are right now.  (hey, I said three SIMPLE things.  I said nothing of EASY!)
  2. Decide that "while the water may be cold, you're jumping in anyway (thank you to my friend Carlos for this great analogy) and then know YOU and only you can warm it up 
  3. Stay PRESENT in this moment.  Be here in the NOW.  Soon, very soon, the new zone will become comfortable again.

Following these three tips will place you in the right state of mind to pull out of any comfort zone.  Getting out of that zone will help you end any self-destructive behavior OR help propel you into being the magnificent, wonderful, powerful human that you already are.  All you need to do is let that person out!

Thanks for participating, reading and following along - feel free to share this where it's needed!  Enjoy the interview!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Experimental Drug Curbs Smokers' Nicotine Cravings - David R Bradley cimes in...

If you're looking to quit smoking, there's no need for an e-cigarette, patch, gum, and certainly no need to pop a pill that will further alter your brain chemistry.  Nicotine is already altering your brain chemistry.  When you go for a time with out injesting nicotine, you're body begins to withdraw.  It's normal, not a problem and part of becoming a non smoker.  Sometimes you need to suffer, strain and work to appreciate fully your accomplishment.  Why should getting off cigarettes be any different?

Pick up a copy of my book, How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone to kick the habit.  Get it right the first time!  You have to power to stop smoking.  Will you use it?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tips To QUIT Smoking - Tip Number 1

10 Tips to help you QUIT smoking - number 1 in our countdown - STOP TRYING TO QUIT - "do, or do not, there is no try" - smoking a cigarette is a decision you make - you decided to start - now, decide to stop.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tips To QUIT Smoking - Tip Number 2

10 Tips to help you QUIT smoking - number 2 in our countdown - USE RESPONSIBILITY - break down the word - the ability to respond - choose your response to the urge to smoke...

Monday, September 3, 2012

Tips To QUIT Smoking - Tip Number 3

10 Tips to help you QUIT smoking - number 3 in our countdown - Say it LOUD n PROUD!  "My name is...  and I'm a SMOKER!"  Take responsibility for being a smoker!  Listen closely towards the end and you can hear a lady coughing!  Not planned!  All part of the show kids!  Not my show apparently...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tips to QUIT Smoking - Tip Number 4

10 Tips to help you QUIT smoking - number 4 in our countdown - Identify your HIGHER purpose!  If you can't quit smoking for you, do it for a purpose greater than you!  What do you live for anyway?

Sage Stallone's Cause Of Death: Heart Attack

Sage Stallone died from a heart attack.  At least that is what the Huffington Post is reporting.  Tragedy being that this is a reality.  Rare, but real.  A very dear friend of mine, Joseph Tobin, left the party way too early due to aortic dissection.

While being 36 and dying from a heart attack is rare, it does happen.  Sage Stallone tox report came back clean...  except for the lungs.

The L.A. County Coroner is being quoted as saying that Sage was a heavy smoker and "the habit likely helped contribute to his death, as smoking is one of the chief causes of heart disease due to elevated blood pressure, increasing the risk of clots."

Any time we loose someone too soon, you have to ask, was he done?  God knows.  We don't.  We are all here to fulfill a purpose, to aid in the creation of a better planet.  Had Sage fulfilled his purpose?  Was it simply time for him to go work from Infinity because he can get more done there?  Again, God knows, we don't.

What I can tell you is this.  Deliberating cutting short the life you were given is...  well, it's a great many things, but let's just leave it at selfish.

Now I don't know Sage.  I never met him, never knew him.  I know his father obviously and have admired him from afar.  I also understand what it means to loose a loved one.  I have empathy for Mr. Stallone and wish him peace.  Sly, or any parent, should not have to loose their children.  Kids aren't supposed to die before their parents.  It doesn't make since.  Not in the least.

We are all on this Earth to live at our highest self.  We are here in order to fully understand our infinite nature.  Perhaps the lesson Sage can teach us to fully appreciate the fragility of the vessel.  And while the human race as a species and the body has the potential for great strength, survival, and creation, the body is still a machine.  If you don't replace your oil in the car, if you put diesel in a petrol engine, if you drive a full throttle all the time, the car won't run right and will not last as long.  Period

We've been giving this miraculous machine to work with while we're here on Terra Firma.   You must maintain the machine.  You must respect it.  It is a gift.  It is also on loan.  Consider it that way for a second and recognize that you very well might just have an obligation to return it in good condition.  When you rent a house, apartment or a car, you are expected to return it in the same condition you got it, why would the gift of life be any different?

So, that's the lesson.  Sage, I'm confident you are working from above to continue your purpose.  I wish you and your family peace.  While your time here was short, you may very well have saved countless lives with your story.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tips to QUIT Smoking - Tip Number 5

10 Tips to help you QUIT smoking - number 5 in our countdown - DO THE MATH - How many cigarettes have you smoked this week, year, month?  If you smoke a pack a day, how many cigarettes will that be in 20 years?  Assuming you live that long...  math can be motivating!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Tips To Quit Smoking - Tip Number 6

10 Tips to help you QUIT smoking - number 6 in our countdown - go scare the crap out of yourself and visit a cancer ward in a hospital - find, meet, hang out with people struggling with cancer, emphysema and other smoking related illness - this will be like looking in a crystal ball for you!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tips To Quit Smoking - Tip Number 7

10 Tips to help you QUIT smoking - number 7 in our countdown - RUN - Run your ass off - go get yourself WINDED!  Appreciate your breath! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tips To Quit Smoking - Tip Number 8

10 Tips to help you QUIT smoking - number 8 in our countdown - READ - go get yourself edge-you-muh-cated!  Expand your horizons, learn about yourself and become a better person!  Click here for a few good reads that will have you coming out so much better on the other side!  What book did you read that made you a better you?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tips to QUIT Smoking - Tip Number 9

10 Tips to help you QUIT smoking - number 9 in our countdown - BREATHE!  Become conscious of your breath - of the air (not smoke) coming into your lungs and body and giving you life - it's that simple - Are you aware of your breath?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tips to QUIT Smoking - Tip Number 10

10 Tips to help you QUIT smoking - starting with number 10 in our countdown - WHY?  Know your history so you can separate from it!  How did you wind up smoking a pack a day (or more) anyway?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Illinois House votes to increase cigarette tax

In an article from The Quad City Times

"Cigarette taxes would rise by $1 per pack on June 24 under legislation narrowly approved Friday in the Illinois House.

The measure, designed to help pay down some of the state’s rising Medicaid costs, was approved on a 60-52 vote. It moves to the Senate, where its fate remains uncertain."

Here's where I'll just chime in and get my opinion out of the way early...  while I can be a considered a non-smoking advocate, I find that increasing taxes on vice is ultimately a flawed method of generating revenue for any governmental entity.

It's a quick fix solution to a larger problem, like using a band-aid where stitches are clearly in order.  Or, since we're on the subject, if your house is on fire, would you use a bucket and pail still or that big ass hose over there?

Gov. Pat Quinn was quoted in a statement:

Today’s action will improve the health of our people and lower the burden of smoking-related conditions on our Medicaid system while helping to fill the $2.7 billion Medicaid shortfall and stabilize the system for those that need it.”

OK Pat, since smoking is such a burden on your Medicaid and if people quit smoking over the tax, you're drawing from a well that will dry up sooner rather than later.  This is a quick fix and brushing the problem under the mat with a "we'll worry about the real issues later" mentality.

Here's an idea, assuming you're actually raising the tax to appropriate it to Medicaid, why not pass a amendment where Medicaid benefits will be reduced or not paid at all if the patient is a habitual smoker?

Americans should have the right to smoke themselves to death if they want to and 100 years ago, when you got cancer, for what ever reason, the Government didn't bail you out.

Personally, the Government has no business telling me how I can ruin my life and consequently isn't obligated to help me out when I realized the err of my ways.

Harsh?  Yes.  Look, I understand the Hippocratic oath where a doctor pledges to not play God treat with care when it comes to matters of life and death.  I also understand the part that says, "I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure."

So, if you're going to raise taxes on tobacco, allocate the funds to anti smoking campaigns and agencies designed to help people stop smoking.  Find a more long term solution to supplement Medicaid revenue.

These guys are short 2.7 BILLION dollars.  HOLY SMOKE (pun intended)!  Do you know how much money that is?  Really?  Imagine what you personally could do with 2.7 billion?  For example, a Honda Civic Hybrid is about 24,000.  That's 112,500 Civic Hybrids.  Chew on that fact for a second (another pun).  If a dollar was a mile, you could leave the solar system in 2.7 billion miles.  If a dollar was a year...  well, do that research on your own and make sure you're sitting down.

If you're thinking, well, what would you do Mr Smarty Pants, the answer is, I don't know.  I get it, it's complicated and I'm going to arm chair quarterback the whole deal.  Or maybe the answer will be in another blog...  what I'll tell you now is this, perhaps the entire Health Care system in America is flawed and needs a complete overhaul and taxing cigarettes and tobacco even further is just putting your finger in the dyke...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kramer and The Catchers Mitt: Another Reason To Stop Smoking 

Don't wind up looking like Kramer.  Stop smoking today!

While this scene is funny, keep in mind that good humor always has an element of truth to it...

Smoking accelerates the aging process, dries the skin and causes wrinkles.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Excuses are like... and everyone's got one!


"Excuses are TOOLS of the WEAK & INCOMPETENT that build monuments of NOTHINGNESS & Bridges that lead to NOWHERE, those who use them seldom amount to ANYTHING."

Notice the source at the bottom...  Clearly, this is not a 5th grade class in California or it would read a little different.

What's important here is that every time you smoke a cigarette or talk about why you can't quit, then you're making an excuse.  So when you make an excuse like of this because this definition is lethal.

So, all you quitters out there, it's time to stop trying to quit and just stop smoking.  No more excuses, no more, period.  Knock that crap off!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Smoking & Periodontal Disease

When you smoke, you increase the odds of periodontal disease.  Periodontal disease is...  well, here, watch this:


So, if you smoke (please excuse the lady in the video for saying "quit") now is the best time to stop.

In a future segment, I will show you my experience with this, but for now, keep this in mind...

Cancer, emphysema, heart disease, might just be too hard to grasp.

The whole "it'll never happen to me" attitude might be so ingrained that the concept of cancer might be incomprehensible to you.  It doesn't effect the reality of it all, but it might be for you, just too hard to grasp.  No problem!  Go look in the mirror, smile big and imagine one, two, or more pearly whites missing...   how's that?

Stay tuned for the reality TV version of me with out a front tooth!

For now, let's focus on the science: and the moral of the story, don't smoke.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bogart Estate Joins the Fight Against Esophageal Cancer

Stop smoking or else!

Bogart Estate Joins the Fight Against Esophageal Cancer

Check this out dear readers:

This is great news!

A few bullet points from the article:

  • Esophageal Cancer is the fastest increasing cancer diagnosis in the U.S. – up more than 400 percent in the past 20 years.
  •  Most people have no idea that the deadly disease is often caused by heartburn, and can be prevented with early detection.
And now for a quick "no-duh" from Twitter and The Bogart Estate, before you even go there...

"Everybody knows not to smoke. Not many know heartburn can cause cancer. And that's what's causing most esophageal cancers....  We know smoking and drinking are bad. We are just trying to help raise awareness about today's leading cause."

If I said it once, I'll say it again, it's 2012, if you don't know that smoking will lead to your untimely death, you've either been living under a rock for the last say 40 years or...  well, if that's the case, you need to get out more!

More bullet points:

  • "We know that more and more lives are lost to this dreadful disease every year. But those lives could be saved with better public awareness and more early detection," said Stephen Bogart, son of the exceptional performer.
  • ECAN and Bogart LLC are developing plans for a nationwide public awareness campaign focused on raising awareness about the causes of the Esophageal Cancer and the need for early detection through screening.

This is a worthy cause.  On my end, I will be happy to spread the word as best I can as I understand the sense of loss that comes from loosing loved ones to cancer.  My mother and grandfather both passed due to cancer.  There's just no need to check out early, in pain and suffering.  Especially when it can be detected early.

And that's the key.  Preventative measures and early detection.  So whether it's your throat, your prostate or your ta-ta's.  Make sure you're taking care of numero uno!

About ECAN

The Esophageal Cancer Action Network's mission is to save lives by increasing awareness about the link between Heartburn and Cancer, promoting early detection and supporting advances in medical research.  Led by a board of directors of top physicians, business leaders, and families that have been touched by Esophageal Cancer, ECAN is tackling this devastating disease head on.  Learn more at

About Bogart LLC

Bogart LLC manages the legacy and publicity rights of legendary actor and cultural icon Humphrey BogartStephen Bogart and Robbert de Klerk serve as co-managing partners, and Leslie Bogart has an active voice within the company. Bogart LLC enters into licensing and merchandising agreements which fit with, and respect, the legacy of Humphrey Bogart. Learn more at and

SOURCE Esophageal Cancer Action Network

Friday, April 6, 2012

Grant Cardone's Success Pledge

Success Pledge

"I pledge a commitment to My Success, My Family's Success and to the Successful Survival of the company I represent.

Success is not an option for me but something I insist!

Success is not something others can give to me, that the government or the economy can provide me.

Success is not determined by luck, chance, race, creed, color or religion but hard work, creativity, follow through and persistence.

I refuse to not have My Success. I refuse to quit prior to My Success and I will do everything ethical in claiming my right to My Success.

My Success is My Duty, My Obligation and My Responsibility."

Grant Cardone


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"You Become What You Most Repeatedly Do" -Scott Sonnon

Saw this on Scott Sonnon's Facebook Page yesterday and found it to be a wonderful addition to my blog.

You become what you most repeatedly do, whether you prefer it or not. Some read this and see problems. Others read this and see possibilities. The former believe in fate, the latter - in the forge.

Not the discovery [that] we can become whatever
we do that shocked me most, but the awareness of we CHOOSE to perceive that as obstacle or opportunity, which transformed me... And this compels me to share that news with as many as I can reach.

What you are now, you can sacrifice for who you wish to become. Instead of deciding to "live a little" and suffer the consequences, choose to "live a lot" and enjoy them.

It's the last line that brings it home, wouldn't you agree?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hold Your Breath! TEDx Ted Talk with Tanya Streeter

Watch, be amazed and inspired.  This is Tanya Streeter.  She's a world champion free diver.  Meaning, she takes a deep breath, holds it and then dives into the ocean.  In 2002, she dived to 525 feet.  Consider that for a minute...  I mean really let that sink in.  525 feet is DEEP!  The tallest structure in the San Fernando Valley (where I currently reside) is Universal City Plaza.  It's 506 feet tall.   That means if she was an extra 19 feet past the tallest building in "The Valley."

How else can we put this into perspective?  A football field is 100 yards or 300 feet.  525 feet is 1.75 football fields under water.

Never mind the actual pressure being applied to the body from the weight of the water, just try holding your breath for 6 minutes.  In fact, try that now...  see how far you get!  Try half that!

"OH!"  You say to yourself, "I SEE WHERE HE'S GOING!"

Take a moment to just appreciate how valuable your breath truly is...

Got it?


Now what?  Well, now I'm going to go OT for a second, but not really.  OT means "off topic" for those of you who needed to know that!

If you're not aware, ocean pollution is a big problem staring us in the face and it goes much deeper than just looking bad on the beach.  Ocean pollution and more specifically, plastic is doing immense damage to wildlife and the ocean.  Consider the fish who eat this stuff, then we eat the fish.  Plastic is not fit for human or animal consumption (no-duh Dave!)

The ocean to me is where I connect with God.  It is vast, magnificent, powerful, serine, beautiful and alive.  I love the ocean.  Ever since I was a kid.  I remember running along the shore, it felt like flying. 

Scientifically speaking, the ocean is where life began.  Life on this planet began in the sea and we evolved from it.  The ocean is our mother and the mother of all living things here on Earth.  Would you treat your mother this way?  Hoarders on A&E excluded, would you allow your house to become a giant pool of plastic and trash?

In the above video, Tanya will also talk about a documentary (Plastic Oceans) being done on the damage plastic has and is doing to our ocean.  Keep in mind, I'm not about to go off on some ban plastic trip, that would be too simple.  What I will say is that it is a problem.  A big problem.  But a problem should always be looked at as an opportunity.  This film will clearly show that there is a problem (opportunity) and what I've seen is heart breaking.

So, I'll end this message with 3 points and ask you to take a look at Plastic Oceans and raise your awareness just a bit...

  1. Respect your breath.
  2. Honor Mother Earth and do your part (recycle, don't litter - think cigarette butt out the window - then think that if you didn't smoke you would have to worry about what to do with your butt - cigarette that is...)
  3. Look for opportunities to reduce your personal consumption of disposable plastic.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sometimes Trying To Quit Smoking Can Blow Up In Your Face (literally)

Imagine enjoying a cigarette after a nice meal with your wife and suddenly BOOM!  The cigarette blows up on you!  Teeth get knocked out, parts of your face are charred and some of your tongue is missing.  You wind up in a burn center...

Well this is what happened to Tom Holloway earlier this week when his e-cigarette lit up like a bottle rocket on the 4th of July, shooting across his home office, starting a small fire and leaving him severely injured.

While this is rare and should never happen to anyone...  allow me to observe that the injuries Mr. Holloway received as a result of him trying to quit with an e-cigarette would have happened either way.  Meaning what?  All this e-cigarette exploding did was speed up the process.

  • Cigarette smoking is a known cause and trigger of periodontal disease which results in receding gums, bone loss and eventually tooth loss.  So his teeth were coming out one way or another...

  • Tobacco smoking is one of the leading causes of oral cancer and the first step in fixing that is tissue removal.

Seem insensitive?  Sometimes a reality smack down is in order...

Look, here's what set me off: 

"Holloway, a Vietnam veteran, photographer and father of three, reportedly stopped smoking two years ago and turned to e-cigarettes to kick the habit."

This came from  What the hell are they talking about?  Kick what habit?  He didn't kick anything!  Jeffrey Wigand put it best when he deemed a cigarette "a delivery device for nicotine."  Mr Holloway simply had not kicked anything and because of switching delivery devices, damn near kicked the bucket sooner than if he'd have simply continued to smoke regular cigarettes!

They did redeem themselves later though when they said, "Electronic cigarettes have become a popular crutch for many who have quit smoking" 

To which I say, here, here!  The e-cigarette is just that.  A crutch.  At some point you will need to go it alone and stop!

So what did we learn today?  E-cigarettes are just as dangerous (if not more so) then regular cigarettes and sooner or later you're going to have to go cold turkey.  Stopping smoking is like pulling off a band-aid.  It's no fun either way, but it's better to do it fast and get on with it.

Need help ripping off the band-aid?  Try my book!  Get your copy at or on this blog!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

...Over Your Dead Body...(Death Express Continued)

...Over Your Dead Body...(Death Express Continued) 

Well, it looks like my friend on HubPages went and did it again!  Go take a look at this Hub for a painting with words.  Look at it.  See if you can see your reflection in this mirror.  Even if you don't smoke, you may have a monkey on your back that may very well be looking you straight in the eye?

Let's say you used to smoke...  or drink...  or...  you fill in that blank.  Here's the deal.  In my book, How To Smoking Without Killing Anyone, I challenge you to be a smoker who doesn't smoke.  This smoking thing has become a part of who you are.  It's a piece of your identity now.  Like it or not and this part of your life, that journey and experience of being a smoker made you who you are now.

You can't hide from that and you will never escape it.  What you do now is just that.  Stay in this now and leave the past where it belongs.  In the past.  The choice is yours.

Stay tuned for more...

Stopping the War on Drugs!

Richard Branson of Virgin fame reports on the decriminalization of personal possession  narcotics in Portugal and the positive effects it has had over the last 10 years in a country once dramatically plagued by drug use and addiction.

What can we learn from this?  First, as we've seen in the 20's here in the States, prohibition has never really been all that effective and tends to recreate a market that hurts more than it helps.

Should you stop smoking?  Yes.  Should tobacco and tobacco products be illegal?  Absolutely positively no effing way!

Well, I guess if you wanted to increase teen smoking, give gang bangers another reason to start shooting at each other and resurrect the mafia, then yes, let's make tobacco illegal!

Otherwise, let's see if the example Portugal has experimented with successfully can teach us Americans how to handle this drug problem here in the States.

Looks like the concept here is if you decriminalize "personal possession" what will happen?

QUOTE:  Jail time was replaced with an offer of therapy. (The argument was that the fear of prison drive addicts underground and that incarceration is more expensive than treatment)

I like this idea.  I'd love to see a progressive State with a drug problem take a stab at this.

QUOTE:  Under Portugal’s new regime, people found guilty of possessing small amounts of drugs are sent to a panel consisting of a psychologist, social worker, and legal adviser for appropriate treatment (which may be refused without criminal punishment), instead of jail.

Somehow this just make sense to me...  what say you?  The stats and results from this experiment are staggering.  Check out the article for yourself and let me know where you stand.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Now Don't Go And Do Something Stupid Like...

Tell all your friends your gonna quit smoking this year only to wind up smoking again 3 weeks later.  If you New Years Resolution is to quit smoking this year...

then I made this video just for you.  Not only the habitual smoker, but the habitual quitter...  Happy New Year!!!