Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Moffett Message LIVE with David Bradley. Decisions, Excellence and Comfort Zones, OH MY!

I had the privilege and honor to be on The Moffett Message with Sean Moffett recently talking about my book, How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone.  We also talked about making those tough decisions, and developing excellence in our lives and careers and the people who've inspired us to create excellence in our lives.

You can watch the interview below and I would love your feedback.  This was my first real interview since I interviewed myself back in 2011, and from this side of the camera, it was an amazing experience and challenge to get well out of my comfort zone, embrace fear and charge into the unknown.  See, when you're writing something, you can hit the backspace button as often as you need and you have full control over when you hit the publish button.  Video can get edited.  That doesn't exist on a live webcast!  It was me, Sean, everyone watching and 60 minutes!  Turned out to be a great interview, lots of insight was shared and some good laughs.

Sean has had on his program some amazing guests like Grant Cardone and Bob Burg, so to get dropped in with that caliber was truly amazing.

So, while the purpose of this post is to promote the interview, the "subtext" if you will, is to circle back to helping you kick the habit.  Mind you, that habit doesn't always to be cigarettes.  The underlying message behind this blog, is you finding what you need to get out of your comfort zone so you can create excellence in your life.  Whatever your bad habit is, it is self-destructive and you have also come to recognize it as normal in your life.  Meaning [insert said bad habit], is now comfortable.  At some point in the beginning, you knew this was a bad idea and yet, you did it anyway.  Now, umpteen years later, part of you is starting to realize that the part of you in the beginning that knew this wasn't a good idea was actually right.  Now in order to get back to the original state of being, you have to go and get out of your new comfort zone.

I want to share three simple things you can do, right now, to help you get out of that comfort zone.

  1. Take full responsibility for allowing yourself to get where you are right now.  (hey, I said three SIMPLE things.  I said nothing of EASY!)
  2. Decide that "while the water may be cold, you're jumping in anyway (thank you to my friend Carlos for this great analogy) and then know YOU and only you can warm it up 
  3. Stay PRESENT in this moment.  Be here in the NOW.  Soon, very soon, the new zone will become comfortable again.

Following these three tips will place you in the right state of mind to pull out of any comfort zone.  Getting out of that zone will help you end any self-destructive behavior OR help propel you into being the magnificent, wonderful, powerful human that you already are.  All you need to do is let that person out!

Thanks for participating, reading and following along - feel free to share this where it's needed!  Enjoy the interview!