Saturday, March 5, 2011

How To Stop Smoking: My Book Does Not Stink!

How To Stop Smoking Without Killing AnyoneHow To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone is ultimately a "self-help" book.  It is written for people who are looking to stop smoking or have already stopped smoking.  If you've already stopped, this book will help you solidify your decision.  If you're trying to stop smoking, this book will help you get from trying to stop smoking to having stopped smoking. 

Recently, an article was posted in Yahoo finance called "Why Most Self-Help Book Stink (And a Few That Don't)"  Written by Laura Vanderkam, she spoke with Christine Whelan, a literal student of the Self-Help genre, and together they take a look at 3 reasons, self-help books stink.  Let's look at these 3 reasons and see how they fair against my self-help book,  How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone.

"1. The "real people" are made up. Anecdotes are great for illustrating a point. So we learn that "Bob" and "Jane" learned to communicate well and now their marriage is all better! Um, yeah. Real life is messy, and using composite characters, or those with the details changed, are just other words for fiction. Which has its place, but is always suspect in a genre that claims to be true."

-So this is great news for me.  My book is about you the reader and me the writer.  I'm not made up and neither are you.  Everything I talk about is genuinely from my own experience, research and mind.  

"2. They promise that change is easy. "We want three easy steps to overhaul our financial life, or washboard abs in 60 seconds a day," Whelan says. "But here's the unpleasant truth: Behavioral change is among the hardest things we can set out to do, and any book that promises you instant changes is selling you snake oil." Put it this way. If changing our lives was painless, you'd see a lot more svelte, rich and happy people walking around."

-Again, more good news.  There are books out there that claim that there is an easy way to quit smoking.   So let me immediately get a few things straight.  Before you decide to buy and read my book, understand this:  THERE IS NO EASY WAY TO QUIT SMOKING.  "Quitting" is almost damn near impossible and stopping flat out sucks.  No where in this book will I promise or even elude to stopping being easy.  It's a very simple process, but definitely, no way, no how, not easy.  Anyone who tries to convince you that it's easy to stop a physical and emotional addiction is trying to get you to buy their product and not very interested in whether or not you actually use the product.  My book was written to help people stop smoking, extend their lives and enhance the quality there of.  You will laugh, cry, get mad, have a positive experience and (should you decide to follow the teachings of my book) stop smoking for good.

"3. There's probably no evidence. Most self-help writers aren't in the business of documenting whether their ideas work for the majority of people who try them. "There's no efficacy data on the vast majority of diet self-help books," Whelan says. "Who knows if positive thinking actually cures people. But self-help books use rhetoric and repetition to prove their points."

-How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone advocates that you stop smoking old school.  Stop cold turkey.  Why cold turkey?  Well, for one, that's how I did it.  Secondly, when you go cold turkey you have to face your addiction head on.  Gum, patch, drugs all help but what they also do is prolong the inevitable which is getting off nicotine or what ever other chemical you just ingested to replace the feelings of nicotine.  Sooner or later you'll have to go cold turkey, so I say jump in the pool with both feet right into the deep end and learn to swim.  Now is this the most effective method to stop?  Up to 88% of people who stop and stay stopped did it cold turkey, but don't take my word for it...  please, look it up if you need to.  Even the guy who wrote the book I blasted earlier is a Cold Turkey advocate.  I just don't want to deceive you or have you read my book and then on day 2 of being off the nicotine, while you're trying not to pull out anymore of your left eyebrow go, "but the book said this would be easy!"

Should you decide to buy and read my book, do so at your own risk and know that there will be straight talk, tough love, good humor and a plan for you to kick the habit once and for all.

Let me know what you think!