Wednesday, December 21, 2011

...Till Death Do Us Part/Death Express...(All Aboard the Quit Smoking Train cont.

The Next Chapter in the Carole Anzolletti series of fictional free verse expressionistic Gothic jive is called appropriately, "...Till Death Do Us Part/Death Express...(All Aboard The Quit Smoking Train Cont.)"

Here we pick up on the tragedy of the previous evening.  Still fresh in the ash of all things avoidable, we encounter a soul struggling to stay out of Death's gaze and pull.  In fact in this segment, we meet many souls.

For most, we never know when Death will come knocking, the question Carol raises here and that I also ask in my book, How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone, is why speed up the inevitable here?  I mean, let's not send this cat Death a friggin invitation and meet him half way to the door...  can you dig on that?

Because, really...  and I've said it before and I'll said it again, smoking really is a passive aggressive form of suicide.  I mean c'mon, it's almost 2012, you know this will kill you and you do it any way?  What is that all about?  Do you have some sort of Death Wish?

It's time to rise up, like a Phoenix, from your own ashes and live!

Think about it...  and stay tuned for more!