Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Insider - Jeffrey Wigand vs Brown & Williamson

Searching to see the original 60 Minutes interview with Jeffrey Wigand and Mike Wallace I found a link on CBS News that shows what was finally aired and dramatized in the movie, The Insider, staring Russell Crowe.


Take the 30 minutes and watch the whole thing.  What you'll see is how far tobacco companies are willing to go and towards the end of the segment, an attorney from Brown & Williamson says to Mike Wallace, "It's a lawful product; it's marketed and manufactured in a lawful way."

Yeah, but...  it kills people and you're participating in that.  He also says smoking is a choice.  Yes it is!  People choose to start smoking and people choose to stop.  Al Capone was also credited with "filling a need" and Pablo Escobar was simply answering the call of the people.  See where I'm going with this?  Just because one is legal and the other is not, does not make it OK, healthy or safe.

What is OK is to take the necessary steps to stop smoking before it's too late for you and your loved ones.  Help is everywhere now - you don't have to go it alone!