Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Window Into The Mind of A Smoker

Never too late to stop! 
Smoker's window verses a non-smoker's window.  I don't need to tell you that if that's what's happening to your glass and blinds, imagine what's going on in your body.  Unfortunately for you, you can't see what's happening in there.  Complete out of sight out of mind scenario.  Take a good look folks and realize that this is what's happening in your body.  But you already know that yet somehow, you're still smoking.  If this photo truly mattered, you'd have stopped already.  There's something inside you that won't let you clean your blinds and your window.  You need to have the courage to clean your window and the blinds before it's too late.  You started for a specific reason, you then continued into addiction for another, and now you continue smoking even though you know it's killing you.  Why?  Pick up a copy of How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone and take back your life.  Learn how to be the non-smoker you once were again.

PS - eCigarettes don't count.