Thursday, October 24, 2013

Virginia health district to survey businesses and work sites about tobacco policies

Newsies smoking at work back in the day!
Stop Smoking Virginia!  The Central Virginia Health District is surveying tobacco and cigarettes in the workplace.  They're looking to businesses and work sites to determine where existing tobacco use policies can be found. The survey is designed to measure what interest there is from local business and job sites in implementing real tobacco-free policies. The survey is available for any agency, business, organization, or institution now through Nov. 30, 2013

It's available online at:

Tobacco-free policies in the workplace address cigarette smoking by employees and/or visitors. These policies may address use of smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes, plus other tobacco products.  It will also address the issue of secondhand smoke exposure.

NOTE:  There is no real "safe level" of tobacco exposure and comprehensive policies can and should be put in place to support and help smokers to stop.  

Results from the survey will be used to help business and companies who are looking to implement a real and effective tobacco-free policy for the workers and the customer base.  Topics are going to include helping businesses provide employees and their dependents with access to free or reduced-cost cessation supports, make work environment completely tobacco-free, and ensure help compliance issues in regards to restrictions on the selling and promoting of tobacco products.

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For more information on the survey and policy for your company, contact Leslie Hoglund at (434) 944-5116 or