Thursday, December 2, 2010

Man Calls 911 Reports a False Murder Blames Nicotine - Part Two

In case you missed it,

Now that you're caught up, I thought I'd put my money where my mouth is.  So after posting the previously mentioned blog, I promptly went to and sent Alex Lee Baker a copy of my book, How to Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone.  There's a special on free 2-Day shipping right now, so he should have it by December 2nd.  Which ironically, is today!

With any luck Mr. Baker will find a few tools to help him in his quest to stop smoking.  Many a news and blog organization are reporting on this kind of tongue in cheek, but I got to tell you, from some one who's been there and done that, the withdrawal phase is no joke.  I completely understand and empathize with how Alex must have felt and what the anxiety must have been like.  It can drive you crazy.  Literally.  And it's no wonder why people can stop most hard drugs, get off booze, and still smoke!  Go stand outside an AA meeting after it gets out.  How many people light up after?  The real challenge is to identify addiction, know where it came from and how it got into your life and then face it head on.

Good Luck to you Alex Lee Baker!