Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Man Calls 911 Reports a False Murder Blames Nicotine

The face of withdrawal!
For Alex Lee Baker, the reality of nicotine addiction and cigarette withdrawals will prove to result in a night that he will never forget.  On the evening of November 28th the 911 line in Clarksville, TN erupted with 3 calls.  The first claiming to have witnessed a murder, the second call claimed he, the victim now, was in the woods after being stabbed and pushed from a car.  Call number three said he was in the woods dying and that he had killed his girlfriend and buried her out near Woodlawn.

All three calls originated from the cell phone of Mr. Baker and spawned a search involving several officers from Clarksville PD, two Deputy Sheriffs and their K-9 unit, a couple Highway Patrol men and one helicopter.

During the search Detective Eric Ewing was able to establish that all three calls were place by Baker and that clearly Baker had lied.  Baker then claimed that he lost his phone.  Eventually he came clean and admitted that...  wait for it...  wait for it...

Baker had placed the calls because he was board, anxious AND had not had a cigarette in two days.

He was charged with 3 counts of false reporting and is being held on a $15,000 bond.

Clearly, there are lots of adjectives that may come to mind here.  Obviously, he didn't read my book, How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone.  This is a silly story that is not only true but shows the magnitude and effect of nicotine addiction.  Fortunately, he didn't actually murder his girlfriend and no one was hurt, but what kind of state was this poor guy in that he called in 3 fake 911 calls.  For him the emergency of not having a smokey treat was all too real. 

Board, he had nothing to do with his hands.  Anxious, his brain chemistry was all out of whack.  Nicotine fit in full bloom and having been in this position before, I completely empathize with Alex Baker and understand how he must have felt.

Where did he go wrong?  Well, aside from calling 911 and claiming to have been stabbed and killed his girlfriend; where did he go wrong?  A nic-fit comes on like a wave and is not permanent.  It will not last forever.  You need to ride it out.  While in the pains of it, it's necessary to find something to do to keep yourself from climbing the walls or stabbing yourself and your girlfriend.  This kid needs an Xbox and a copy of my book!