Monday, November 29, 2010

Rehab yourself with QiGong Recharge by John DuCane

Qi Gong has become for me a form of active meditation.  For someone looking to rehab from the effects of smoking, Qi Gong may be a good way to patch up so to speak.  Me?  I decided to stop smoking almost 10 years ago and have recently published a book on how I did it.  It's called, How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone .  For me the first week or two was brutal.  So since then I have looked for natural methods to ease one through the withdrawal phase.  QiGong Recharge is one perfect example of "if I knew then what I knew now."

John DuCane is a practitioner and teacher of Qi Gong.  He is also the man behind Dragon Door publications.  He has been practicing QiGong since 1975. 

Mr. DuCane has published several works on Thi Chi and QiGong.  For this blog I'm going to show you the one I've been using for a few years now and the one that has added to my overall peace of mind, serenity and well being.  Not to mention the added benefits of more fluid motion and flexibility!

The Subtitle to QiGong ReCharge is A Daily practice to Release, Relax and Rejuvenate.  And that is exactly what will happen for you when you begin to practice the techniques taught in this DVD.

For you, the recent or soon to be non-smoker, this DVD will come in handy on a few levels.  Let's look at some of the benefits and see how they will aid you in getting through this tough time.

As the cover points out, you have inherited a body.  It's the only one you got.  Whether or not you're a spiritual person is irrelevant.  What is important to recognize is that sooner or later you're body will return to the universe.  As the days draw to a close, what kind of condition do you want your body to be in?  Clearly, you've decided to upgrade your body and repair the damage done by smoking.  Congratulations!  That is without a doubt a brave, powerful and honorable decision that will pay many dividends over the coming years. 

By incorporating the practice of QiGong ReCharge into your daily life you will immediately reap the follow benefits:

  • Increased Energy.  Getting off the smoking bandwagon can drain you.  Your body is all out of whack.  So is your brain chemistry for that matter.  This can result in a feeling of sluggish depression.  How would like to alleviate that sensation?
  • Greater Sense of Well Being.  QiGong will allow you to slow down and move with relaxed purpose.  Since you are going through some big changes you will be able to center yourself for the day ahead and re-center yourself through out the day.
  • Reduce Stress.  Let's face it.  When you decide to stop smoking, it's stressful.  There's no denying that.  By adding the practice of ReCharge do your daily routine you can remove the stress that builds up in your body.
  • Release Tension.  Speaking of stress!  Where do you carry yours?  In your neck?  Shoulders?  Lower Back?  Stomach?  How about all of the above?  How would like to let that all go?  Especially now that you're not smoking.  How will you release your stress?
  • Replace the Ritual.  Smoking as a habit for most of us was a ritual.  We did it in the morning to wake up, we smoked after a good meal, it was good for the road trip, it made a nice night cap, and so on and so forth.  What will you do now?
  • Fire Up Your Lymph System.  QiGong will aid, assist and stimulate your body's natural cleansing system. 
  • Relax Your Nervous System.  What do you think is getting over worked now that you've stopped smoking?  Are your nerves fried? 
  • Improved Breathing.  QiGong will help you to being using your lungs again for their intended purpose.  
For me QiGong ReCharge became a way to recover and...  well recharge after a heavy day of Kettlebell training.  I was looking for something to do that would not only aid in active recovery but also aid in releasing tension.  Physical and emotional.   QiGong Recharge quickly became the status quo for me.  I would and still do use it to warm up before exercise and sometimes as a way to cool down after training as well.  As a stand alone system I have used it to recover form surgery and have also used it to reduce stress and anxiety.

Whether you smoke now, are trying to stop, or have stopped, this routine of movement and breathing will help you release, restore and of course, ReCharge.  Even if you're coming out of another addiction, this will help with inner peace.

Let me know if you decide to give it a try.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions.