Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone Test Drive

How to Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone is available for sale on  In a previous blog, I answered the question, "But Dave, I don't smoke.  Why should I read your book?  Well, if that didn't get you off the fence and you still can't decide to add the book to your shopping cart, how would you like to go for a quick test drive?  When you visit   and enter your name and email address I will send you for free a PDF of the Forward, written by my dad and Chapter 1, called "Stop Trying to Quit."

This book is a quick, easy read and yet it is an effective tool.  As one reader put it, "This book is a perfect combination of humor, guidance, passion and purpose. If you've ever wanted to change your life in regards to smoking, or really any addictive behavior, this book is a MUST!!"

Why not give it a try?