Friday, October 22, 2010

But Dave, I Don't Smoke! Why Should I Read Your Book?

Sure you do!  What?!?!

How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone is also a good read even in the non-smoking section!

Look, just because you don't take a cigarette and shove it in your mouth, light it on fire and then breathe in the results doesn't mean you don't smoke...  something.

Smoking is what?  When you smoke people say:

  • Its a bad habit
  • An addiction
  • You're hooked
  • Dependant
  • A slave
  • You got a monkey on your back
  • Etc...
Can you think of something in your life you're hooked on to?  Dependent on?  What kind of monkey is on your back?

The Forward of the Book, written by my dear old Dad will tell you this:

"How To Stop Smoking....., as you might be starting to surmise, is more than an opportunity to look at your addiction to nicotine. And when you are no longer smoking (but still a smoker), you can reread and reread How To Stop Smoking.... and become conscious of anything else you are “smoking” to destroy your life. It might be a lot of negative energy from people you need to get away from. It might be a belief that it’s not in the cards for you to be financially successful or that you are not attractive enough to have a satisfying sexual relationship with your partner.

There are lots of different kinds of SMOKE that we inhale and sometimes insidiously get high on. And just as with the cigarettes, this other kind of negative SMOKE can invade our entire body through the production of neuropeptides which are amino acids chains specific to our emotions. So when my brain is producing “negative” neuropeptides, I find every negative thing there is to find that day. And, YES, when my brain produces “positive” neuropeptides, I find every good thing there is to find, even in the midst of a crisis. Yes, it could be that our “addiction” to these negative neuropeptides is what drove most of us into smoking in the first place.

What do you smoke?  Don't worry, you don't have to say it out loud.  Your inner voice already said it...  yes, that inner voice.  The one that shouted your dark, dirty little secret.  The one that says, 'man I got knock this off' every time you cave in to it.  From too much ice-cream, avoiding exercise, all the way to something nefarious (booze, drugs) we all have or have had something we "smoke."

So if you or someone you love has a monkey on their back, this book was written for you.  Even if you don't "smoke."