Saturday, April 9, 2011

Don't Quit Smoking and Don't Even Stop Smoking For That Matter...

But buy my book anyway.  How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone What?  Yes.  That's right.  I just went there.  But it's not what you think.  I wrote this book because I know I'm not the only one who has stopped and I know that the ordeal of stopping is not a pleasant experience and I also know that quitting is near impossible.  I wrote this book now because I truly want to help the PNS (potential non-smoker - more on this later so keep reading) to finally kick the habit. In the book you'll find out why I never bothered to quit, I simply stopped. 

You too can stop, but only when you make the commitment to do so.  Commitment is a magical thing.  True commitment is what removes the "I" and the "M" from the word impossible.  It's that one thing that flips a switch in your brain and suddenly you focus on something with laser precision.  Can you think of a moment in your life where your own high level of commitment produced a result?  What about an amazing, incredible result?  What was that like for you?  What was the difference between your level of commitment when you really knocked it out of the park verses the time you just got on base or even struck out?

So here's where I'm going with this, because I know you're wondering.  Just because you purchase my book it does not mean you're going to have to quit smoking.  In fact I will encourage you to not quit but instead learn how to stop.  Big difference.  Stranger yet, I will encourage you to smoke while reading it.

How To Stop Smoking Without Killing AnyoneI got to thinking about this after an exchange I had on-line with a potential non-smoker (PNS):

PNS on 4/3:  "I'm so scared of not smoking. WTF is that about??  Don't have a clue how to live without it...23yrs. anyway...clearly i need the book. when I get off the ancient phone and to my computer I will order. THANK YOU!"

This prompted my last blog post and then a few days later I get this...

PNS on 4/6:  "Had to postpone my purchase. Biz is slow, but I WILL be buying it!"

ME:  "How much are you "investing" in cigarettes weekly/daily?  Is biz slow enough to where cigarettes are on the budget chopping block?  Think about how much you'll save once you stop..."

PNS:  "  :(   I got nothing else...  No excuse or even anything to rebut with.  You have a huge point." 

So here's what I asked myself.  Is the idea of not smoking so terrifying that it's actually preventing you, the PNS from actually committing the time and money to hit Amazon or my website and hook up on the book?

A pack of cigarettes in Los Angeles is about 5 bucks.  That's .25 cents a cigarette.  My book is 92 pages of whit and wisdom for $15.89.  That's .17 cents a page.  My book costs less then a cigarette!  My book will also help you increase your time on this planet where as a cigarette is more money and also re-leaves you of quality time spent here on Tera Firma.

But then I say to myself, "Self, it's clearly not about the money.  You've been in sales long enough to know it's almost always never price.  Hell, maybe I'm not charging enough!  Maybe people are wondering how $15.89 spent can reverse how ever many thousands of dollars spent on tobacco!  Is my book too cheap?  Maybe I should raise my price...  hmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

Well, don't worry, I'm not going to raise my price just yet...  but what I will do is give you, the PNS, full permission to buy and read my book, How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone and not have to quit or even stop smoking.

Sooner or later you're going to stop.  I hear it all the time.  "I'll quit when I'm ready."  Granted for some, by the time they're ready it's too late, but for many, being ready to quit/stop is something that arrives in due time.  Reading this book will plant a few seeds that will make stopping (in due time) not only easier, but it will solidify the commitment I mentioned earlier.  If you're waiting for the switch to flip, then having read this book prior to the flip will only help keep the switch flipped!  Savvy?

Or perhaps reading the book will flip the switch.  If that happens then the fear is gone.  Commitment, true commitment will over power fear any day of the week. In addition success will become your only option.

Let me know what you think!