Friday, May 31, 2013

Coffee with Out Cigarettes? Starbucks, please say it isn't so?!?!?!?!

If you saw a guy about to light up first, it's time to stop smoking!
Starbuck's to ban smoking outside and with in 25 feet of cafe.
Cigarettes and coffee make a great team.  If you smoke, starting the morning with some light reading on the patio with a cup of Joe and a smoke is simply wonderful.  Non-smokers may never fully appreciate the wonders of cigarettes and coffee but that's OK.  I'll gladly release this pleasure for the ability to run, swing a kettlebell and not get winded just trying to take out the trash.

With that said, a big fat Kudoos to the Starbuck's crew for banning smoking with in 25 feet of their establishment.  I'm all for it.

Ironically, I'm also a proponent of smoker's rights and fully acknowledge that there are probably a good amount of smokers who are employed by Starbucks.  Both parties deserving of the right to commit a very slow passive aggressive suicide.  But not at the expense of the customer.  It's really about the customer experience and the safety of the non-smoking employees.  Mind you I've yet to see a death certificate listing second hand smoke as the cause of death, but I'm a cynic anyway...  The majority of caffeine-a-holics grossly outnumber the nicotine addicts and so in any good democracy (free market), majority wins.  Sorry smokers!

Even now, 11 years without a cigarette, I still miss them and enjoy vicariously smoking on the patio at the local Starbucks.  I will however, get over it.  Smoking is not a necessary component to my day anymore. And while the right to smoke is an exercise in personal freedom; so is having the self-awareness to decide to be free of the 30+ known carcinogens being inhaled every time you take a drag.

What?  No smoking?????
Wouldn't it be nice to be free of having to get pissed off that you can't smoke on the patio at Starbucks anymore? Or that you intentionally won't take a direct flight so you can hop off mid trip to grab a smoke?  True freedom is not being in the shadow of substance that controls your mood and puts a sheet over the real you.

Who knows, maybe this stupid little company policy is just what you need to finally decide to free yourself from the hold the nicotine delivery business has on you.

My book, How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone was designed to get you right in the head so you can finally stop once and for all.  Pick up a copy and get over it!