Friday, June 7, 2013

Six Month Notice To Quit Smoking Or Move Out In Layton, UT

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Layton, Utah -  Starting in November, residents of the Skyline View Apartments were served not with a 3 day notice to pay rent or quit but instead to quit smoking in six months or move out!  WOW!  In November, smoking in the building or with in 25 feet of the property itself.

You can read the article from the Salt Lake Tribune HERE.

What I want to touch on it this:

There are two residents who are not so pleased with the ultimatum.  Randy Batchelor and his fiancee.  They've been there for 8 years, they smoke and they're pissed.

Unfortunately for them the Davis County Health Dept and HUD are on board with the policy!

Randy's 2 cents on the issue are classic.  "It's a bunch of BS," he says.  "You can't force someone to do something that they're not ready to do."

Randy, they're not forcing you to do anything.  They've presented you with a choice on how you can live in their building.  For example, in my home, visitors are not allowed to stab me in the throat.  It's a policy I have.  If you decide you want to come over, you need to abide by the policy otherwise, you're just not welcome.

Randy is also now starting to look for a more smoker friendly apartment for himself, fiancee and their two teenage children.

Now I will relate this to you dear Randy...  you know kids whose parents smoke are twice as likely to smoke themselves.  So essentially Randy, you're slowly killing your kids by the example your setting and the potential hazards of second hand smoke.  Would you lace small amounts of Drano into your kids OJ?  Frankly, I don't see the difference.  See Randy, if you, a grown man want to commit a slow passive aggressive form a suicide and your fiancee (a grown woman) wants to join you in the downward spiral, more power to you.  But to involve your kids in that...  man, that ain't cool!  And when you going to marry that nice girl anyway?  Keep smoking and the "till death do us part" part will come all too soon.  Maybe you're admitted lack of will power is why you can't step up and put the big ring on her finger.

Sorry for hacking on you Randy, but even though we haven't met, I care about you and your family.  Trust me man, you'll NEVER be ready to quit smoking.  It has nothing to do with being ready.  It has to do with you being a man, recognizing you have an addiction that needs handling.  This addiction is not just hurting you but it is and will continue to hurt the ones you love.  So step up my brother.  If you're not ready to stop smoking for you, then by all means, simply stop smoking for your family.  Dig in and grind it out.  You have the power to do it.  Take it one day at a time.  It'll get easier over time.  Promise!

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