Thursday, July 11, 2013

Iowa City Has A Butt Problem

Iowa City, Iowa - The University of Iowa college smoking ban stops smoking on campus but also sends smokers downtown to do the deed.  This is causing a distinct problem in downtown Iowa City.  Too many butts!

Original article:

So one easy fix will be more ash trays or a sign like what the city of Glendale did might be a nice humorous approach while throwing in the motherly guilt trip on top of it...

But in all seriousness, but the real deal here is this....

Dear Smokers,

As a smoker myself, who simply chooses not to smoke anymore, (in fact, I haven;t had a cigarette since 2002) I would like to humbly request that when you are finished with your cigarette, that you put it in an ash tray or drop the cherry in some water and chuck the butt in a trash can.

Look at that picture above!  It's nasty.  You smoking and enjoying a cigarette is not nasty.  It's simply you exercising a bad habit you have yet to break.  I get it.  But littering is littering   Knock that off!

Now, listen, I too used to flick a butt or two out the window of the car while driving because I didn't want to fill up my ash tray because I thought, even as a smoker, that a loaded up ash tray was nasty.

That little idiosyncratic move actually helped me decide to stop.  I was like, "hey, if I think these butts are nasty and they stink up the car, what the hell am I doing here anyway????"

Remember, this is where you live and share the streets with people.  Let's keep it nice for everyone.  No more butts, no more empty cans of coke and beer, no more Styrofoam and Mickey D's wrappers....  besides, your killing the squirrels and they never did nothing to no one!

If you're at that place where you no it's time for you to stop smoking, but just aren't sure how to go about it, take a look at for resources and a little book you can invest in to help you get your mind right to finally kick the habit.