Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Say That Again? Prenatal exposure to tobacco smoke linked to hearing loss!

 From New York - Did you know that exposure to tobacco smoke while being in the womb can lead to diminished hearing by teen age years?   Doctors at Langone School of Medicine in Manhattan have found in the first study ever to link tobacco use and hearing impairment.

This new research suggests that certain compounds contained in cigarette smoke cross the placenta and exert harmful effects on the auditory system.

The study looked at both maternal smoking and second hand smoke from other household members.

It appears that the smoking and second hand smoke has an affect on hearing loss due to nerve damage.

They site decreased blood flow and decreased oxygenation, or higher carbon monoxide levels.

In the study, moms and dads were asked about prenatal smoke exposure.  Sixteen percent of parents admitted to smoking.

There was also a threefold increase in the odds of low-frequency hearing loss in one ear, according to the research.

One doctor said "kids with subtle hearing loss perform poorly in school and tend to have behavioral problems because of their inability to adequately hear."

LINK TO READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE:  http://tbo.com/health/medical-news/prenatal-exposure-to-tobacco-smoke-linked-to-hearing-loss-researchers-find-20130706/