Sunday, September 15, 2013

Beware of Dorffs Baring Gifts

Claudette Colbert circa 1942, dressed as a nurse passes out Chesterfields to GI's during WWII.

Implications are smoking is safe because a nurse is handing them out like candy and it's American because the guys bringing down Hitler and Japan all smoke.

Fast forward to 2013, Lorillard owner of Newport and Kent amungst other cigarette brands also owns Blu e-cigarettes and has recently returned to advertising.

Celebrity endorsements and television commercials rise from the ashes to promote, justify and encourage those addicted to nicotine switch their delivery device to electronic cigarettes verses the traditional tobacco cigarette.

Stephen Dorff and Jenny McCarthy have whored themselves out to Lorillard and joined in this new deception and virtual hedge against the declining cigarette industry.  E-cigarettes, while supposedly "vapor" do contain carcinogens such as formaldehyde and acrolein.  And while admittedly safer than a traditional cigarette, what will the long term effects be?  No one really knows.

I find it HIGHLY irresponsible of any celebrity to hop into bed with any company or industry who has spent the last 90 plus years lying to it's customer base, manipulating the addictive properties of it's product and packaging it's product to minimize the perceived risk.  If you smoke a "light" cigarette, keep in mind, there's no such think as "light" cancer.  You don't get "light" emphysema and there is no "light" trachea.

Dorff, you're too cool for your own good.  You and McCarthy over there are both being used by a company in desperation with years of experience in manipulation.  Selling your soul didn't end well for Robert Johnson or Jerry Garcia.  Both of those cats were way cooler than you so what chance you think you got?  Get out now and step up.

Teens are picking these up because of you and the e-cigarette is becoming a gate way for traditional cigarettes.  Is this the legacy you want to leave?  30 years from now will you be going into radiation therapy saying (assuming you're still with us and not another early departure caused by big tobacco) "we all thought it was just vapor..."