Monday, December 2, 2013

How to remove the smell of cigarette smoke

How do I get cigarette smoke smell out of the house?  Have you recently stopped smoking?  Are you also now fully understanding what all the fuss was about with regards to the smell of cigarettes?  Do you have clothing and furniture that needs a fumigation like yesterday?  Fear not, it can be done!  Also, non-smokers who have been exposed.  For example, you live in an apartment or work with other people who smoke, here are some ways to eliminate the smell of smoke from your person, home, car and wardrobe.

Smokers looking to remove the odor should start by picking up a copy of How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone.  That will teach you how to stop smoking and there by eliminate any future possibility of the smell.  Once that's handled, next step is to move out.  Otherwise you'll have to clean everything!

Steam vac for the carpets, curtains and furniture.  Wash and even consider repainting the walls.  Pending on the size of the habit, this may even prove too big a job and it might make since to hire once of those CSI clean up teams.  Think about how you'll make their day if all they have to do is help you remove the smell of smoke from your house?

Consider this, they very well may wind up at your house anyway.  You keep smoking and wind up falling asleep with a cigarette and burn the house down.  They'll be there eventually with a much bigger mess.  Or what if you have a heart attack in your sleep and no one discovers you for 8 days?  And it's August!  How's that for a smell to remove.  Or maybe your wife takes a kitchen knife to you after smelling smoke on your hands after you told her for the umpteenth time you're really going to quit this time?

For the non-smokers whose got the smell creeping in on you, or who had a smoker over, give the place a solid going over.  Then try one my dear Mother's tricks.  Cotton Balls secretly placed around the house with vanilla extract soaked in them.  My house growing up typically smelled like Christmas cookies all year.

If smoke is creeping in, locate the source and see how to plug it or block it.  If you're in an apartment and this is your neighbor, ask them to smoke outside or in a different room.  If this proves unsuccessful, move your television and surround sound system right next to the adjoining wall.  Also, every time you leave, drop an annoying piece of music on the stereo and turn it up so it resonates for them, but not so much for the building.  If you really want to inflict some serious pain here, let me suggest Rebecca Black's Friday or James Blunt's Your Beautiful.  In fact, an "irritating as 7&@K" playlist for your ipod may prove quite useful.

Since we're on the subject of smoke odor and useful, if you're still committed to smoking, try putting Kitty Litter in your ashtray just to add validity when some says (or thinks) your place smells like crap!

Last tip is when the jacket smells like the bar you were at last night or your buddy's car, fire up the Fabreze and then seal that coat in a plastic bag with a few dryer sheets.  I sold cars for several years and this trick was a great way to deodorize a  used car that was a wee bit on the stinky side.  Also good for removing the smell of spilled bong water...  at least that's what I've been told.

Look, becoming a non-smoker again stinks (pun very much intended) and being a smoker also stinks (on multiple levels).  If you're over it and it's time to kick this silly habit, there's no reason it has to totally suck and that you can't have a few laughs during the process.  Attitude truly is everything and even more so when trying to break a habit that's killing you.  Take a read or two of my book.  You will learn how to stop without quitting, how to set your mind up to actually stop this time and also how to reclaim your lung capacity.  You decided to start, now let this book help you decide to stop.