Monday, December 30, 2013

"Its what got me to stop!" Success!

G. Ridgeway on Amazon reviews How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone!

Mr. Bradley's book, is honestly, nothing all that special. But what is special about his book is really the fact that he does a very good job of making you smack your forehead and go "Duh!"

Of course, this is my opinion!

How to stop, does a good job of working you through your addiction, getting to the root of many of the whys, and putting the blame smack dab at where it belongs, "your feet!". His approach works off a similar, AA/NA approach, You are a smoker, you will always be a smoker. But you can choose to be a smoker that does not smoke!

Acknowledgement of using the word "quit" as a negative affirmation, and rather using "stop".

This is much more that can be said about this book, but It helped me big time!

How I found this book is that I just stopped smoking, Which I had done 3 times in the past, this time using the gum. I was having a massive case of nic fits, and hopped on YouTube and types in "How to stop a nic fit" and up popped one of his videos with three suggestions on how to do this. After watching a few more, I had gained back my will to stop, and in a very strong way.

Many of the things he suggests in the book, I had been thinking myself! But kept second guessing myself because of the the common, and over told way we are commonly told to stop now.

You need Gum, Patches, or a medication to stop! As where Bradley, strongly suggests you go cold turkey, in which I cant agree more.

Pick up this book, read it, pick a day, And STOP! Then read it again. You'll spend a few days wanting to die, and after a week you'll be through your withdrawals and really be free, you wont have to then rely on your patch or whatever. Awesome book, and worth every penny!