Saturday, November 2, 2013

New York Raises Smoking Age To 21

Stop Smoking New York - The city the never sleeps, New York, is banning smoking for those who haven't
hit 21 yet.  Mayor Bloomberg, once again has decided to decide for the citizenry of the Big Apple.


When you're 18, you get to vote.  When you're 16, you get your licence to drive.  So, apparently the government and Mayor Bloomberg, believes I mature enough to decide who gets to be president and capable to operate a motor vehicle, but NOT mature enough to decide to smoke a cigarette or have a drink.

This is, without a doubt, simply foolish.


#1.  People are going to smoke.  If you're 14 and want to smoke, you'll find a way.  I did.  When I was 18, I new everything anyway, so what makes you think you're going to keep me from smoking?  Trust me, I'll figure it out.

#2.  James Dean.  Sorry, it's out there.  "I got the bullets!"  Rebels man.  All of 'em.  As long as cigarettes exist, ironically, youth will connect smoking with independence, freedom, self expression, and individuality.  Making it harder to get cigarettes only adds fuel to that fire.

#3.  How well did prohibition work in New York city?  Organized crime in New York must be throwing a party right now!

#4.  Lost tax revenue will need to get replaced somewhere.  This could give Bloomberg the leverage he needs to tax sugary beverages or what ever else he decides is good for his people.

While I'm not a advocate for smoking cigarettes, and as a smoker who doesn't smoke anymore, I still do not believe this law is in line with the personal freedoms this country guarantees nor is it in line with man's innate ability to choose his fate.

I also am in favor of lowering the drinking age to 18 for the very same reasons.

Prevention starts in the home.  And it needs to start significantly earlier than the gap between 18 and 21.  If you really want to "go there" then there should be a law banning smoking by parents.  It should be illegal for a parent to smoke.  Parents caught smoking wouldn't just receive a fine, but instead be subject to CPS for endangering the life of a child.  That somehow makes more since to me then raising the smoking age.

Peanut gallery's open...  what do you think?  Raising the smoking age, good idea, bad idea, doesn't matter?  Let me hear from you now!