Monday, November 4, 2013

What happens when you stop smoking (for real)

Just STOP!  You don't have to quit.  That's the slogan, the tag line, "Stop, don't quit."  It's too hard to quit anyway.  When you get on a plane, you stop.  When you go into a movie theatre, you stop.  When you're at a restaurant, you stop.  You're stopping all the time.  Something happens in your mind that makes is possible for you to not smoke in that given moment.  Imagine you're on a 6 hour flight.  What do you do?  Sure it's uncomfortable, but you handle it right?  So, as you go through the process of not smoking on day one, here are some things from Daily Infographic to use to stay motivated.

"There are parts of routine that are essential, that if tampered with, would devastate a person’s day. Without a doubt, there are things that everyone knows are healthy or unhealthy.

Smoking cigarettes provides a mental boost at most, but that’s it. There is no aspect other than appeasing the craving that could be healthy. In fact, being temporarily anxious and dealing with the craving is probably the healthiest thing for you. There is nothing healthy about smoking because it allows the worsening of your health.

Cancer is on the rise in the world. It is important that no one puts themselves at unnecessary risks of getting a disease that has taken so many–by indulging in a habit that isn’t moderated. An addiction to cigarettes isn’t a 3 a day type of addiction. It’s not like having a drink or getting high. Being a smoker is an all day event. Think about the time and money being lost. [Stopping] is worth it. (via )"