Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quit Tea: A natural way to stop smoking

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Why QuitTea?  Trying to quit smoking?  There's a unique tea recipe the can help.  While a cup of green tea may help, what if there was a potent herbal blend tea to help with the effects of withdrawal?  Just because you decided to go cold turkey, doesn't mean you can't get the support you need to get through the first 3-7 days.  You can stop and there is no need for a pharmacists to drug you, no need for nicotine laced gum, patches and/or e-cigarettes.

The task of becoming a non-smoker again is a simple one.  [NOTE:  "non-smoker again" means you weren't born with a cigarette in your mouth, which means you've been a non-smoker before, you can do it again.  Also, "simple" does not mean easy.  There's no easy way out, it's hard.  Simple?  Yes.  Easy?  No.]

What if you could return to being a non-smoker without having to quit?  Hold on now!  Stick around for another second and hear me out, because this is the entire premise of  my book.  You're brain is addicted to and chemically altered by nicotine.  The concept of never smoking a cigarette again is as foreign to you as not drinking water ever again.  Now add to this, the fact that on multiple occasions you have gone without a cigarette for an uncomfortably long period of time.  You've been able to stop without quitting.  How did you do it?  Long flight?  Long movie?  Long meeting or shift with no break?  Can't smoke?  You got through it somehow and no body got hurt, right?  How?  You knew you'd get through it because you knew you'd smoke again.  Still with me?  Is it possible to stop, but don't quit?  Yes.  I stopped in 2002 and haven't had a cigarette since, but I ain't no quitter either!  12 years later and I still consider myself a smoker who doesn't smoke.  I call this "The Carrot Dangling Technique" and with the right mindset, it works perfectly.

When you read How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone, you'll learn how to get that mindset.  How to get your mind right, how to live in the now and above and beyond, how to take back control of your state from nicotine and Big Tobacco.  Wait, I thought we were talking about tea...?

[Insert Quit Tea here!]

Who doesn't need help?  Kicking the habit is near impossible.  It sucks, it's stressful, your brain's freaking out, you feel like killing innocent people who look at you wrong, it's terrible.  It's also part of the process.  It's part of earning it.  You need to grind this out.  But who says you have to go it alone?

QuitTea was designed to take the edge off.  Weightlifters need a spot when the weight gets heavy.  Ain't nothing wrong with that either because it's how you get stronger.

What I like about QuitTea is that it's all natural.  The ingredients are listed here (I'll cover a few in a second) and they make for a nice herbal blend to ease withdrawal and support the detoxing of the body.  It comes in a box of 20 (what else do we know that comes in packs of 20?) and the cherry on the top for me is the hand to mouth action that comes from sipping tea.  Very similar to smoking in that respect.  You also get the lip stimulation and the bringing of something into the mouth.  Just don't inhale QuitTea as that would be bad.  Probably don't want to smoke it either as that would defeat the purpose entirely!

Some of the ingredients like St Johns Wort, I actually recommend in my book and others include Valerian Root, which is great for chilling out and there's also Red Clover, Licorice, Ginger, Burdock, Oregano, and Fennel for cleansing. Conveniently, there's the right amount of spice and sweet here to make for a flavorful tea and bust through the flavor loss from smoking.  You'll probably notice after a few days on QuitTea that it tastes stronger as you taste buds repair.  I think this would be a good tea even if you're not a smoker.

Final word.  The very name of this tea flies in the face of the premise of my book.  That being said...  what are you going to do?  I'm OK with it if you are.  Personally, I'd have called it Stop Tea.  Perhaps if you decide to try it you can cross out the word "quit" on the box and write in "stop."  ;-)  I'm confident you'll be able to handle it.  Look, it's time to stop.  You owe it to yourself and the people who love you to bring the best you to the party of life.  It's impossible to bring the best you to the party and smoke.  However you get it done, just get it done!  Myself and the crew at QuitTea are here to help you.  QuitTea's quit, I've "stopped" and we both survived and made it through to the other side.  Now it's your turn, so get a copy of my book, make a nice cup of tea and handle it!