Saturday, February 5, 2011

Words of Wisdom from Napoleon Hill

"When the going is hardest, just keep on keeping on, and you’ll get there sooner than someone who finds the going easy.

If you think achieving great heights of success will be easy, you either don't understand at all how the process works or you have your sights set too low. Reaching the top of any field is difficult, time-consuming, and often tedious. The reason it isn't crowded at the top is that most people won't do the things that are necessary to achieve success. They are all too willing to give up when the going gets tough. If you need inspiration to persevere, read the biographies of men and women who have achieved greatness in their lives. You will find that they prevailed because they refused to quit. They continued to toil alone long after the masses had given up and gone home."

This one was in my in-box this morning.  It comes from The Napoleon Hill Foundation's Thought for the Day.  Clearly, I don't need to explain how this applies to kicking the habit...  I'm also, as you'll find out when you read my book, a huge proponent of going cold turkey which makes this quote about success even more relevant.  This also show's how, even though the topic of the book is how to stop smoking, success in ANY endeavor will require you to dig deeper than you thought you'd have to and go farther than you thought you could go.

So, smokers and non-smokers alike, how does this apply to you today?